This article is specifically directed to those who are startup founders or those who are looking to pursue a concept in the near future.

Afore Capital’s Zero-to-1 Investor Summit in October 2020 was an exciting, action-packed day of conversations on a wide range of topics. We heard from a wide variety of venture capitalists and some of the most successful founders of the last few decades. While the conversations took place virtually, the panelists maintained a tone of founder-to-founder intimacy, which is what made it special.

Below are key takeaways from each conversation that are valuable for anyone seeking to…

As human beings, we crave certainty. Instinctively, we find ourselves leaning into “expert-led” predictions of the future (just turn on your favorite podcast: the expert hesitates to deliver a prophecy but is eventually coaxed into it by the host). Throughout history, most crisis predictions of exactly how events will unfold have been incorrect. If a select few were right on the specifics, we’re not sure why (was it insight or was it luck?). Viscerally acknowledging that we have no idea how events will unfold creates uneasiness. But whenever we have the knee-jerk reaction to stow our discomfort away, we should…

Amol Tripathi


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